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Kathy's Recipe Collection

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Rachel's Avgolemono Soup
(Greek Lemon Chicken Soup)
If you love lemon and dill this recipe is a definite must.
Time: approximately. 45 Minutes.

Recipe makes 7 (1 1/2 cup) servings

1 1/2 lb. boneless, skinless, chicken breast

Chicken Seasoning Ingredients

2 Tabl. Olive Oil
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
1/8 tsp onion salt
1/2 tsp Lawry's seasoned salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dill weed

Soup Seasoning Ingredients
3 cans (14 1/2 oz each) Clear Chicken Broth
1 1/2 broth cans of hot water
1 cup uncooked white rice
1/4 tsp. Lawry's seasoned salt
1/2 tsp plain salt
3/8 tsp. dill weed
1 1/2 Tabl parsley flakes

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Thickening Ingredients
3 eggs

3/4 cup concentrate lemon juice

1Cut chicken into bite size pieces
2 In large soup pot, combine chicken with Chicken Seasoning Ingredients: Olive oil, white pepper, onion salt, seasoned salt, garlic powder, and dill weed.
3 Stir occasionally on a medium - high heat until chicken is cooked. (about 10 minutes)
4 Add Soup Seasoning Ingredients: broth, water, rice, salts, dill and parsley.
5 Stir occasionally on medium until rice is cooked. (about 25 minutes)
6 Prepare Thickening Ingredients: Scramble eggs in a large bowl then briskly stir in the lemon juice.
7 Very slowly add 4 ladles full of soup into the egg and lemon mixture, stirring mixture constantly.
8 Now, slowly start adding the egg and lemon mixture back into the soup pot.
9 It will become thick. Remove from heat and eat!